Making Godly Decisions

Have you ever been in the position of having two really good options at the same time? And each has advantages and disadvantages unique to that path alone? Knowing in your heart of hearts that one of the paths is where you want to step out boldly in God’s calling, but, out of habit, you begin drifting back to the comfort of the familiar, the predictable, the safe?

I begin to question whether allowing fear to step in undermines my faith in God’s plans. I believe I have a strong faith, but in situations of fear and the unknown, I tend to want to steer. To cast my own safety net under the tightrope of God’s calling as a backup plan in case I fail.

God’s calling doesn’t promise success. The fruit comes in the way we approach the decision itself. Did we lean in and listen to God, or did we build walls around our hearts out of fear and trepidation of the unknown?

Whose plan am I tending to? Whom am I allowing to steer my course? If I choose to ignore God’s tug on my heartstrings, what will happen? Will I relish the safety of my current path, even if it feels complacent, or will I always wonder, “What if?”

Will He bring another opportunity around, or is this it?

complacency | a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, often combined with a lack of awareness of pending trouble or controversy (Your Dictionary).

What was waiting for me down that other path? What would my life have been like? How would my faith have been strengthened? What will it look like to boldly commit to one path over the other? These are the questions I imagine will follow.

When I pray, one path stands out. But my tendency to over-analyze naturally begs the question, “How? How will this all work out if I pursue God’s call?”

In this moment, I realize I’ve been directing my question of “How?” all wrong. I’ve been asking it of myself when I should be directing it to God. God knows the specific answer. He has always known. And it is not for me to know those details right now.

Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law. (Proverbs 29:18, NIV)

I think of what I stand to lose at each path, and what I stand to gain, while reminding myself to be grateful to have a choice at all. I pray how my decisions will affect those I love and whether they’d be resilient in the face of change. Who, ultimately, will gain from my decision?

I pray desperately for clarity and peace, but it seems this is one that I’ll just have to live out to find out, as peace might just hold out until the decision has already been made, and clarity may follow suit only in the hindsight of my decision.

“Sometimes a little CHANGE can open your world to BIG possibilities.” (Rachel Bright, The Koala Who Could).

What decisions are you facing today? How will you allow yourself to boldly follow God’s call in the midst of facing your big decisions? I’d love to hear how you approach the process, especially when following God’s call involves taking a big risk and venturing into the new and unknown.

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